Friday, February 20, 2015


Here then is Lady Boyd, Countess of Errol (born Rebecca Lockhart) with her faithful hound, unless he's just there as an artistic prop given that she's depicted as the Huntress Diana. It is a mezzotint engraving by James McArdell after a painting by Allan Ramsay 1749. (Via WikimediaCommons)

The Challenge for this week is:


Use the photo. Or express the topic "Goddess" some way in your collage. Or use both, a photo and a word. Word don't have to show up in your collage.

Post your creation to your blog or other website and  leave a direct link to your work using our LINK FEATURE at the end of this post.

(Click the image larger and save it to your computer, print it or use digitally. The image is public domain, so you can freely use it also with your other creations).

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